The Hidden Dangers of Salon Shampoo Basins

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Are you comfortable when getting your hair washed in the salon? As much as my own team and I  have tried everything to make the shampoo experience in our salon as pleasant as possible for our guests with shiatsu massage chairs, high-end only Matrix Biolage products and heated towel conditioning treatments, sometimes we felt we just couldn’t  create a truly relaxing experience . We’ve always put this down to the unfortunate design of professional salon shampoo basins.

Everyone knows we have to keep our head back when we are having our hair washed, but sometimes it’s just so freaking uncomfortable! And no wonder it is! Any physiotherapist will tell you that our spines are just not designed to bend that way! That’s because when you are in this position, your head’s heaviest point, the occipital bone, is left suspended in air, relying on our neck muscles to support it. This can put unnecessary and exceptional strain on both the neck muscles and the spine . In fact, the taller one is the more strain they experience in this area. Medical research has even identified and termed a number of injuries that can happen in this way. One of which is “Salon Sink Radiculopathy”. This condition is described as a pain caused by “compression on the nerve roots at the neck vertebrae level or injury to nerve roots going from the spinal cord to the extremities e.g.. hands, fingers.” The heaviest point of the head (all 3.8 KGs to 5KGs of weight) overhanging a ‘sharp edge’ can cause a shearing force on the neck and its delicate blood vessels and nerves.

In tackling this problem, many salons including our own have tried several solutions , including the most common foam cushion which is slipped on the neck area of the basin. This failed miserably for two main reasons:

  1. It was unhygienic as the foam absorbed water, product and sweet etc, and
  2. It still did not offer any support to the heaviest part of the head, which was where the tension was originating from in the first place.

This to me was one of the major glitches in the salon journey which I just couldn’t seem to correct and eventually just  accepted as just one of those things……………. until I stumbled across  HeadBed at Salon International a couple of weeks ago in London.

I was invited to sit in a back basin and rest my head on this innovative product, and sceptically I obliged. I could not believe it when I laid back. Immediately I noticed that my neck muscles were in no way stretched and head was somehow fully supported, yet still at the perfect angle for the stylist to shampoo efficiently and for me to remain dry and more importantly………… comfortable!

That was it, I was sold! Knowing that my ultimate salon spa experience was finally achievable I wanted them in place at Revas Hair Gallery immediately! Since they arrived my team have reported a drop to nearly zero customer complaints on the issue of discomfort at the salon sink as well as eliminating water leakage, keeping customers dry and comfortable and also making colour removal easier.

So what exactly is it, how does it work, and most importantly….how is it going to improve your clients next visit to the salon?

HeadBed is an innovative head and neck support cushion, finally solving the problem of client discomfort at the salon basins. It’s different because it’s a small platform that is built into a hygienic rubber cushion that sits on a salon basin. It works by positioning you in the optimal position for all washbasin services and supports the head at its heaviest point. It supports the weight of the head under the occipital bone. As a result you can lay back, relax and enjoy pre-service shampoos, treatments and post-treatments without discomfort or pain. The specially designed sink cushion is small enough to support the head and neck but also not interfere with hairdressers completing their tasks at the washbasin.  HeadBed will add another experience to your overall salon journey with extra comfort, care and safety at the salon basin.