Denim Hair Dye

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Denim Hair Trend

Denim has long been a wardrobe staple, but this season we are wearing it on our head. Denim dye is the latest hair colour trend, and it’s ridiculously amazing.

In theory, it sounds pretty horrible. But in reality, it gorgeous. Think ombre but with moody greys and blues.

The latest take on pastel strands is perhaps the coolest, most wearable iteration. It’s utterly mesmerizing. The look is a cross between the rainbow hair and oil-slick trends. Denim hair is a mixture of the tones of grey, blue, and purple in your mane to better cater to your style goals.

So the look is a cross between the rainbow hair and oil-slick trends many creative colour trends that end up clashing with certain items of your wardrobe, it’s pretty refreshing to find one that goes with literally everything

“The difference between denim hair and other creative colour trends is that it doesn’t have to be super-saturated. Like denim, it can look a little faded and washed out. Which is great news for those of us who don’t have the time to constantly refresh our colour.

This trend looks especially good against darker bases, just keep in mind some heavy lifting will have to be done, as your hue needs to be bleached out before taking on the blue tones. Start lifting your hair slowly and building up the intensity gradually.  Rather than an all-over colour, most people opt for a distressed denim look.

Although the colour should be slightly faded (like your favourite pair of jeans) you’ll still need to get regular glosses to maintain the finish (unless you’re into that acid-washed look). The best way to maintain your new look is to swap your traditional shampoo and conditioner for a colour-saving formula like Biolage Colourlast from Matrix.

Picture Source: Pinterest User Lissetti Mattei